“Hey Al, I listened to the CDs.  EXCELLENT!  Very clear to understand you and you sound very comfortable, confident and concise in the audio.  You hit the money on these audios!  Great program!!  Thanks so much,”   — Natasha

“Wow that is a great LLC operating agreement!! Great program!!!…Respectfully,”  — Paul F.S., CPA

“The Operating Agreement alone is worth $10,000!”  — Lee P., Entrepreneur

“Brilliant documents!”Cheri S. H., President, CEO   Entity Specialist

“It would cost a fortune in attorney and/or CPA fees to come up with anything even close to The LLC Master Machine.”  — Jim G., Investor, *Marlborough, MA

“Al, I have purchased from just about all of the so called big name asset protection speakers out there…I tell you their courses are not even close to yours. Thank you for saving me” — Muriel T., FL

“Al – I now own LLC Master Machine. I just set up my two LLCs and your program and instructions were extremely helpful in putting everything together.  I really appreciate all the time and detail you took to explain everything!”  — Todd D.

“Thanks. Got the LLC operating agreement and other documents WOW great stuff!!!” — Bruce M., National Speaker

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