Attention Real Estate Investors!

LLC’s Have Great Money-Saving Benefits


But Most Are Worthless!


They Do NOT…


_Shield you from legal actions (when they should) causing your personal assets to be totally exposed

_Prevent legal disputes with tenants, contractors, partners and others (when they should) 

_Support tax-saving strategies  (when they should)

_Defend you against IRS (when they should)

_Give you operating guidelines for successfully running your RE business (when then should). 

In short, most LLC’s do not give you the significant dollar-saving benefits that a well designed & documented LLC should give you!


The PROBLEM for Real Estate Investors and Landlords…

Attorneys, CPA’s, Nevada Promoters > use bare bones incomplete documents, give you wrong advice, yet sock you with big fees


Internet Companies (such as Legal Zoom) start off low, then upsell you into more expensive options, with generic worthless documents, with no advice


Furthermore, the above do NOT set up your LLC Structure with…


v     Powerful Legal Documents specifically targeted for real estate to empower you to reap the optimum benefits of a properly structured real estate LLC.

v     Lawsuit Prevention Strategies which is stopping lawsuits before they ever begin. The very essence of asset protection.

v     Privacy Strategies which is the cornerstone of Lawsuit Prevention.  If they cannot find you, they cannot sue you.

v     The Two LLC Strategy where you only need two LLC’s to protect you with any number of properties.  This saves you $1,000’s in legal fees!

v     How beginners can fully and safely deduct education and other expenses, even if they do not yet own property

v     Other Strategies such as avoiding transfer taxes and mortgage due on sale clause on property transfers to an LLC; the Super C-Corp Strategy;  many others.  Read on.


YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES! Your entity structure is set up WRONG > a BIG TARGET for expensive time-consuming lawsuits and IRS audits.  And you have to pay for this MESS!!


The SOLUTION for Real Estate Investors and Landlords … The Newly Re-Created…

The LLC Master-Machine

Asset Protection System


> Extraordinary Money-Saving Strategies

·  Protecting your personal assets

·  Preventing legal disputes saving you lawyer fees and stress

·  Saving you taxes

·  Defending you against nasty IRS attacks

·  Enabling you to successfully operate your real estate business.

> Covering Every Legal Component Of A         Powerfully-Structured LLC Shield

·  Lawsuit Prevention  

·  Privacy

·  Two LLC Strategy

·  Much More! (described later)

> WITHOUT The Big Expense of Lawyers

> WITHOUT Over-Complexity

> Specifically For All Types Of Real Estate

> Unlike Any Other Asset Protection Source!


Albert Aiello, CPA, M.S. Taxation with William Noll, CPA, Attorney, Both Real Estate Investors

Includes The Most Meticulously Drafted Legal Documents Empowering Your LLC To Be An Impenetrable Fortress Of Asset Protection


 The SUPERSTAR Document…

The Master Machine Operating Agreement Extraordinaire

The operating agreement (OA) is the nuclear LLC document, the “heart & soul” of the LLC.  But most are useless.  the OA Extraordinaire, with ironclad untwistable language, is the most Powerful OA ever, adaptable in all 50 States and DC.  It’s 121 pages simultaneously gives you: A Legal Shield, Tax Savings, IRS Audit Defense, And More

This 121 Page Golden Nugget Will Blow Your Mind!



Wow that is a great operating agreement

…Paul Spann, CPA, CA


“The Operating Agreement alone is worth $10,000!

.Lee Parker, Entrepreneur, Alaska




Automated Software

For Instant Document Preparation



These documents are automatically completed without manual preparation…simply by inserting a few blanks in a one page “Auto Doc Data Form”, hit “Submit” and the following LLC documents are instantly & simultaneous generated…


Ø Operating Agreement Extraordinaire (all 121 pages)

Ø Minutes of First Members Meeting

Ø Minutes of Annual Members Meeting

Ø Membership Certificates for each Member in clear print

Ø Resolutions (14 of them) For Member Authorization of 14 Important LLC Decisions without meetings


PLUS: Automatically Transfer Your LLC Membership Interest Out Of Your Name Into The Privacy of A Trust To Protect Your LLC Ownership Shares (And Other Personal Assets) From Costly Lawsuits And Probate


Easily add or remove LLC members


Properly Worded Protective Legal Language For Each of These Customizable Documents Already Done. You just fill in a few blanks


All The Legal Documents Essential To Protect You And Your Family, Instantly Generated and Completed!,…Without Lawyers!!


These SUPERIOR documents automatically replace the WORTHLESS documents of your existing LLC…without notifying the state, totally private



“Dear Al: After going through The LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System, a sense of real empowerment to protect my assets was at my finger tips.  It’s very simple to understand by following along with the step by step guide and easy to implement.

Best of all, the legal paperwork is prepared with the AutoDocPrep software with the push of a “submit” button.  Meeting Minutes, Membership Certificates, Resolutions etc. makes you legally protected and IRS compliant instantly! Hand down…!!!  This is the best investment I’ve made to protect my personal and business assets.  Definitely an iron clad system with zero exposure to claimants.

Thanks for what you do!!!”…John Gonzalez, RE Investor, COL.


Specifically And Only Targeted For All Types Of Real Estate Investments:


Rental properties, commercial,  keepers,  flips, REO’s, wholesaling,  short sales, rehabbing, lease-options, mobile homes, new construction, sub-divisions, condo conversions, including ancillary real estate investments such as paper: mortgage-notes,  liens, judgments, tax lien certificates, private real estate lending.


And For All Types Of Real Estate Investors:

Ø Landlords, Rental Property

Ø Beginners (even if you do not yet own property) 

Ø Veterans, Full time, Part time

Ø Wholesalers, Shortsalers

Ø Rehabbers, Foreclosers

Ø Commercial, Paper.



New Easy-To-Follow Comprehensive Instruction Guide With Audio Training in High Definition


In an informative & fun format, you hear Al reveal these Money-Saving Gems.


“Hey Al, I read the new on-line text, took me very little time and listened to the new audio where you are funny and on the money!  EXCELLENT! Even much better than the former version (as good as that was) ”


Thanks so much, Natasha,  732-691-7386.


Retail price                    $1,395

Discounted price            $ 995

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Need to know more? Continue with  more Gems covered….


_10 dangerous liabilities umbrella insurance does not prevent, that this system does 

_9 ownership forms you absolutely must totally avoid…or pay dearly


The Premiere IDEAL Entity for Real Estate With The Optimum & Simultaneous Benefits Of Legal Limited Liability, Tax Savings, And IRS Audit-Defense


_Create large deductions (and savings) with no cash out, plus more protection…using the Super C-Corp Strategy

_The 7 legal issues and 4 tax issues > you must know before setting up your LLC for a totally defective-free, well-oiled Limited Liability Company


When transferring property to an LLC, strategies to avoid…

·       Transfer fees in ANY state

·       Mortgage due-on-sale clauses

·       IRS tax traps.


How to fully deduct education and travel…

·      Even if you have not yet done a deal (a beginner)

·      Even if you have not yet formed an LLC

·      How to safely claim on your tax return with tax law support with the exact technical wording to scare IRS away!


FROM A BEGINNER:  “Al, using your system, I filled out all my paperwork online in just a few seconds.  Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow and I can listen to the audio portions while driving. As an investor just beginning, I have great confidence that I am well protected from both lawsuits and the IRS.” Thanks! 

Rianna Elliott, Boston Mass.


ALERT: Beginning investors make the most costly mistakes and not having an LLC properly set up is a BIG one!  Do not make this blunder as so many have regretted!!


_The best states to form your LLC, the worse ones to avoid

_7 LAWSUIT PREVENTION strategies to STOP lawsuits  before they would ever begin


FREE BONUS:  Brand New From Al’s Legal Team:

The Power-Elite Trust


Unlike any other trust, The Power-Elite Trust (PET) is superbly designed as three trusts into one:

1.   Estate Planning Family Legacy Trust To protect your family if you are ever incapacitated; to care for minor or handicapped children; to automatically transfer your estate to your family without delay, without the agony of expensive probate, without contest from unwanted heirs, X-spouses, future gold-digging spouses (& their kids), con artists, etc.

2.   A Privacy Trust Your personal assets are not in your name but in the name of the trust. You’re invisible!

3.   An Intrepid Asset Protection Trust with special provisions giving you ironclad protection, further shielding all of your personal assets from claimants, lawsuits, lawyers, public-exposure, divorce, and other eradicators of your wealth.

The PET adds another shield to privatize and protect the following family assets all that have value, otherwise subject to attachment:

     Membership shares of your LLC and other entities

     Your home, vacation home

     Vehicles – cars, RV’s, boats, private planes

     Bank accounts, brokerageaccounts, securities, annuities, life insurance, etc.

     Other personal valuables – jewelry, precious metals, antiques, art collection, etc.


Far superior than a revocable living trust or a will, the PET’s 87 pages include all of the necessary legal protection provisions; estate transfer instructions; estate tax matters…all under your total control.


NO adverse tax consequences whatsoever and no IRS or local tax returns are necessary. Includes step-by-step instructions. Comes with two different trusts, one for married spouses; the second one for an unmarried person. 


The PET, combined with a properly structured LLC via this system, gives you awesome, formidable, impenetrable protection!!


A $3,000 Value

ALERT:  This fabulous free bonus is temporary with this introductory offer and will expire very soon. So order now!


Retail price                    $1,395

Discounted price            $ 995

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Need to know more? Continue with  more Gems covered….


_The 16 Entity Formalities  already done for you to avoid LLC “veil piercing” to prevent exposing your personal assets

_How to put money into the LLC with the most favorable legal and tax-free results

_Save hundreds with strategies to legally avoid foreign registrations when doing business in other states and still be protected


ANOTHER FREE BONUS: Professional FREE LLC set ups in any state, free of any legal fees (except for state\RA fees which you pay anyway). Any number of LLC’s! Quickly set up your LLC with step-by-step instructions.   $1,500 value


_All the documents of this system are totally private.  But at your option, when to disclose them to avoid costly legal actions

_How to use this superb system to HALT an existing lawsuit in its tracks and stop the bleeding

_The “Series LLC” – How good is it?  Find out! This system has a far superior and cheaper alternative

_Why using your own management company for your properties is legally flawed and can be an expensive tax disaster…Little known but very effective vehicles with better privacy, lower cost, plus NO legal or tax pitfalls!


 Ease-of-Use Features:

v Detailed tables of contents for easy reference

v Larger print

v User-friendly checklists

Total cross-references from text to audio and vice versa


_5 more privacy techniques to make sure you are INVISABLE!


These Dynamic Asset Protection Strategies And Vehicles Are Effective In All 50 States And DC…Unlike Some Structures


_6  Important LLC Tax Pointers many CPA’s do not know = More savings in your pocket

_How to extract tax-free cash out of your LLC instead of highly taxed W-2 salaries… fully supported by tax law cites

_Tax impact (with planning) of the sale or transfer of an LLC membership interest…including tax-free transfers (out of your name) into an asset protection trust 

_Minors as LLC members – Yes? or No? The wrong answer will cost you!

_How to avoid banks (“Bank-a-Trama”) with alternate financing sources (some little-known)




Retail price                    $1,395

Discounted price            $ 995

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Call for Special Subscriber Discount on regular and downloadable e–version you get immediately with no shipping and no waiting. 1-800-950-2250



Need to know more? Continue with  more Gems covered….


Superb Customer Service To Support You Using This System With These VIP Benefits…


v Email Helpline Directly To Al And His Legal Team For Your Questions With Prompt Expert Responses


“Al Aiello has the best email response system in the country”

   Frank Chen, JV Manager & Head of Business Development of REI Club RE Educators


v You Can Share The System With Your Attorney Or CPA Under A Special Licensing Agreement (With this consummate system this is not necessary, but an option available to you)


FREE BONUSThe Power Attorney Letter (PAL) The PAL is a letter with meticulous detail, full of legalistic torpedoes, specifically designed to be sent to an opposing attorney.   Al’s student used the PAL to rightfully defeat a wrongful (“creepo”) creditor and scare off an arrogant lawyer, preventing a costly lawsuit, without using a lawyer…saving her at least $11,000.  Other students have had similar profitable results. Includes explanation & instructions on how to use your “PAL”

A $500 Value



Thousands Of Hours And Dollars Have Been Invested To Create This Brand New Extraordinary Asset Protection System, You Will Not Get Anywhere Else!




“It would cost a fortune in attorney and/or CPA fees to come up with anything even close to The LLC Master Machine.”Jim Guinness, Investor, Marlborough, MA


Retail price                    $1,395

Discounted price            $ 995

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Need to know more? Continue with  more Gems covered….


The SOLUTION of Total Protection, Yet No Adverse Side Effects…With This Newly Created Supreme System:


__Your personal assets outside the LLC entity are protected from LLC/property related actions

__Your personal assets are still protected for actions not related to the LLC or the property

__The property equity within the LLC entity is protected

__Events related to the property itself are also protected.

Ø Without adverse tax results

Ø Without high IRS audit risk

Ø Without over-complexity

Ø Without costing a fortune! 


And don’t forget…

These Special Automated Documents Can Be Used To Resurrect And Restructure Existing LLC’s.

Like magic…transform a debilitating LLC into a powerful wealth protection vehicle that will save you substantially every year!  Automatically and privately do this without having to notify the state!


You will NOT get this system anywhere else. Not from the top CPA or law firms,  the best universities, your CPA, your attorney, NOT from any other speakers! Internet companies, NO where but NO where!!


“Al, I have purchased from just about all of the so called big name asset protection speakers out there” (Listing them)…

”I tell you their courses are not even close to yours (esp this new system). Thank you for saving me”…Muriel Thome, Winter Park, FL.




Retail price                    $1,395

Discounted price            $ 995

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The Way A Great Cleanse Detoxifies Your Body, Is The Way A Superior Asset Protection System Rids You Of The Costly Consequences Of A Defective Structure!


For A Flawless-Free Structure, Saving You $1,000’s, Order NOW!



Discounted price            $ 995

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Call for Special Subscriber Discount on regular and downloadable e–version you get immediately with no shipping and no waiting.